Settled Minister Search — Request for Input

Search News — What Do We Think?
Seriously. What do we think? Your Search Committee has to represent the views of the entire congregation. We have specifically agreed that our views as individual Search Committee members are only as relevant as anybody else’s.

To capture and fairly present the opinions of such a diverse group as UUFSD is a daunting job. Age, gender, race, experience, theology, income, expectations, criticisms, needs, what’s important, and what’s unimportant—no two UUFSD members are the same along all these dimensions, not to mention many more.

We’ve set up a confidential email address for anyone to tell us what they think:

This address goes only to the  seven elected members of the Search Committee, who are covenanted to keep confidences. (It’s confidential, not anonymous.)

So, what do we think? What do you think? Pick any topic about ministers that is on your mind, and send us your thoughts. (Of course we’re still going to have a survey, focus groups, and random conversations—this is just one more way of finding out what we think.)