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The UUFSD Board of Directors provides direction and administration for the fellowship. The Board meets once a month, with date and time shown on the fellowship events calendar. Meetings are open to the congregation, with the exception of personnel and other confidential matters.

The Board operates under the UUFSD Bylaws, and creates Policies and Procedures for the Fellowship. These and Board meeting minutes are available to voting members (password protected) under Governance.

Contact: board@uufsd.org

Current Board Members FY 23/24


Mary Anne Trause


Vice President

Andi MacLeod



Livia Walsh


Board Members


Sarah Miller


Rich Macdonald


Pamela Parker



Julia Darling


Nominating Committee

This committee is responsible for identifying and recruiting potential members of the board of directors and committee chairs. They are elected by the congregation.

Contact: nomcom@uufsd.org

Current Nominating Committee FY 23/24

Angie Knappenberger

Greg Brown

Alisa Guralnick


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