Unitarian Universalism aspires to make our world a better place for all living things. We view ourselves as part of an interconnected web of existence. To meet our responsibilities, we engage in projects that assist those in immediate need, empower those who require new skills and resources to take control of their lives, and preserve the ecological balance of our planet.

Our Programs

Climate Action Task Force

Climate Action is a task force of the Social Justice Action Committee. It facilitates consciousness-raising about climate change and green initiatives at UUFSD and actions in the community. There are 5 areas of particular interest:

• water conservation
• energy production & use
• environmentally responsible investing
• transportation & urban planning
• food & waste

If you wish to stay informed or get involved, please join our discussion group on Nextdoor and send an email request to be included on our email list (climateaction@uufsd.org).
Visit our virtual Bulletin Board and read our Climate Action brochure. For additional information contact: Sarah Miller at climateactioncoord@uufsd.org

Casas de Luz

Our mission is to transform individuals, families, and communities on both sides of the San Diego/ Tijuana border and create long lasting, self-sustaining change through youth empowerment, cross cultural relationships, leadership development, home and community development, and environmental sustainability. We have built over 100 homes in Tijuana using all volunteer labor with each home being sponsored by a community group. Our new program is building villages of sleeping cottages for individuals transitioning to self sufficiency. We truly bring HOPE to both sides of the border. For additional information contact Kathy Faller at casasdeluz@uufsd.org.

Mental Health

Girl in a jacket
We support efforts to end the stigma associated with mental illness. We partner with regional organizations to bring awareness, education and opportunities to share coping and caring strategies. For additional information contact Wenda Alvarez at MentalHealth@uufsd.org.

Helping our Neighbors (HON)

Helping Our Neighbors incorporates several justice programs.
For additional information contact Irv Himelblau at: helpingourneighbors@uufsd.org.

Homelessness: includes toiletry distributions at the Encinitas CRC and Fill A Belly dinners and participating in the annual homeless San Dieguito shelter program. For additional information contact Irv Himelblau at: homelessness@uufsd.org

Backpack Project: Provides backpacks and school supplies for disadvantaged youth. For additional information contact Liz Young at backpacks@uufsd.org.

Immigration reform: includes helping an immigrant family seeking asylum. For additional information contact Robin Sales at immigration@uufsd.org.

Food Insecurity: includes a yearly food drive for the Encinitas Community Resource Center, suppling snacks and supplies to Colonia de Eden Gardens pre-school and participation in the annual CRC Holiday Basket Program. For additional information contact: Betsy Gilpin, Norma Showalter or Irving Himelblau at: foodinsecurity@uufsd.org.

Winter Homeless Shelter: As part of the Interfaith Overnight Shelter network, we work with St. James Catholic Church each year to provide shelter, meals and overnight hosts for individuals without homes for a two week period. For additional information contact: Mary Anne Trause at: shelter@uufsd.org.

UU the Vote

Directly or indirectly, the issues so many of us care most deeply about—climate change, LGBTQ rights, immigration, racial justice and more—are part of every election and on every ballot. UUs are called to join forces with all people who want to organize our communities and our nation to defend democracy and voting rights.
For additional information contact Ted Foster at: uuthevote@uufsd.org

Gun Violence Prevention (GVP)

Here is a source for GVP activities taking place in San Diego County:
San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention: https://sd4gvp.org

And here are some other national sources of information:
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: https://www.bradyunited.org/

Everytown for Gun Safety: https://everytown.org/

Moms Demand Action: https://momsdemandaction.org/

Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence: https://giffords.org/ (includes Americans for Responsible Solutions since 2016)

Violence Policy Center: http://www.vpc.org/

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: https://www.csgv.org/