December 3, 2023: Kids Pageant

Choir sings; Article II Congregational Forum; Planet-Healthy Potluck

Worship Associate: Liora Kian-Gutierrez
Live & On Zoom — link is HERE
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Capital Improvement Projects

The following drawings represent the completion of the architect’s Design Development stage of design as presented to the Congregation on Sunday, September 17. Design Development is the stage where all design elements of a project have been identified, all systems in all disciplines have been determined to work together and meet code, and the project conforms to the Owner’s budget and other project requirements. From this stage forward, the architect’s design team advances construction documents which set forth details for construction and form the basis for competitive bidding and building permit review. The construction documents will be completed by mid January and will be presented at a forum on Sunday January 21, 2024. Click image to view drawings.