December 4, 2022: TBA

Guest Speaker: Chris Faller
Worship Associate: Mary Anne Trause
Live in the Amphitheater & On Zoom — link is HERE
Or watch “Live” on our Youtube channel HERE
Order of Service is HERE

Our Stories

There are so many reasons why my husband, John Atcheson, and I joined UUFSD and actively participated in many volunteer opportunities. As I think about the community of friends I have, I immediately focus on those days right after John was killed by a … read more.

Linda Giannelli Pratt

I have spent my life since 1998 on building community, through land conservation and serving via the Sierra Club in San Diego, creating the 2% Land Fund in Hawaii, and creating Peaks and Ridges legislation in Tucson.

I believe I became an activist through my … read more.

Debbie Hecht