What’s Going On In Those Classes Anyway?
Questions and Answers About Our Children’s Religious Exploration Program.

What will my child learn about?*

God? Many people think that their lives are part of a much larger life force, and they call that force “God.” People the world over have different ideas of what God might be like. We share many of these ideas with our children, and encourage them to develop their own. Our children also learn that belief in God is not necessary to the living of a good and meaningful life.

Jesus? Our children learn about the historic Jesus, his life and times, and the impact of his ministry. They learn that Jesus was a loving human teacher who helped people to understand each other and be kind to one another.
The Bible? The Bible is a collection of books telling about the early days of the Jewish people, their ideas about God, the teachings of Jesus, and what some of his followers said about him. Bible stories are used to teach a lesson, and acquaint our children with their Judeo-Christian heritage.

World Religions? Our children will learn about the scriptures, deities, holy days and customs of a variety of world religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, and Native American religions. Through these studies we hope to show our children that there are many spiritual paths to take to find meaning, and there is no one path that works for everyone.

What will my child’s religious identity be?*

In Religious Exploration classes we identify ourselves as Unitarian Universalists. All of our curriculums are based on the Purposes and Principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association. The children learn about UU history, and the women and men who have exemplified these principles in their lives. It is our feeling that religious values are acquired through “deeds not creeds.” Our children are given opportunities to live their faith by participating in individual, class, and whole church service projects.

How does baby and toddler care work on Sunday mornings?

We currently do not have infant care available. Toddlers may join in the Chalice Children classroom. Staff and volunteers do not do any diapering, make sure you leave contact information in case we need to reach you during service. Please sign your child in and out of the room. Children may be dropped off after the intergenerational sharing portion of the service.

What about Arrival and Attendance for RE Classes?

Children go with their parents to the service. After the first 15 minutes or so, the “inter-generational sharing” part of the service occurs and the kids leave for their RE classes. Parents pick-up children aged 10 and under from their classrooms after service
ends. Children older than 10 are dismissed to coffee hour to join their parents.
Please encourage your child to use the bathroom prior to the service, as this reduces disruptions during class time.

We are blessed with interesting curricula that allow our teachers to lead the children through many fun activities and learning opportunities on Sunday mornings. The children who enjoy RE the most are those who have the opportunity to build relationships with their peers and teachers. Regular attendance enables these relationships to thrive.

Can I attend an RE class, and what if I am visiting?

Adults are always welcome in our RE Classes. In fact we are always looking for volunteers for various activities! If you would like to attend an RE class, just check in with the teacher and let him or her know you are visiting or observing for the day. We ask that you be respectful of the class and their activities.

Child visitors are welcome to join us in RE. Please accompany your child to the classroom and introduce yourself and your child to the teacher and please be sure to leave your contact information. After two visits we ask that you fill out an RE Registration Form. We love to see new faces in our classrooms – it means new friends to make!

What’s my role as a parent?

All parents are expected to help in the following ways:

  • Encouraging regular attendance to Sunday RE classes
  • Talking with your children about what happened in class
  • Generously supporting the Fellowship at pledge time

Here are some additional ways that some parents may help:

  • Let the RE staff know if you have special interests or talents to share
  • Joining the Religious Education Committee
  • Lend a hand with special celebrations & events

* Reprinted in part, from the original by Carol Alfas, which appeared in the Spring 1993 REACH Packet.

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