A Fundraiser is defined as any event where attendees are requested to give financial support (as opposed to physical items), even as a donation.

All fundraisers conducted by UUFSD persons or groups on the campus of UUFSD must apply to the Stewardship Steering Committee (herein called “Stewardship“) prior to the event (See Policy and Procedures 420).  The purpose of the approval is to ensure that accounting procedures are clear and that Stewardship can manage the number of “Asks” that are presented to our members. Stewardship is particularly concerned about “Asks” that happen on Sundays, when members are present for spiritual purposes and expect access to their buildings and grounds without prejudice.

If your UUFSD group or committee wishes to hold a fundraiser, please be aware that any excess funds collected above the expenses for the event will be charged a 10% fee (with a $250 max) for the site maintenance of the buildings and grounds and administrative time, with the following exceptions:

  • if the fundraiser supports the UUFSD general fund, the 10% fee for maintenance is waived (the general fund already allocates funds to maintenance in its annual budget)
  • if the event is planned by a party that is renting the facility, their rent is paid in lieu of the 10% fee, and this form does not apply