R.E. Classes

Hello Everyone!

We would like to invite you and your family to our Religious Education classes this year.
We, as a congregation,passed the 8th principle in June of this year. For more information on the adult wording and what it means for our denomination, please visit: https://www.8thprincipleuu.org. In Children’s language, we will add it to our teachings with this verbiage, “We must work together for diversity and against racism & oppression.” For our curriculum here at UUFSD we will be incorporating this into our teachings and that every class will incorporate and/or be centered around Anti-racism and Anti-oppression. We, as Unitarian Universalists, are being called to live into our values as never before. Anti-racism/Anti-oppression education in elementary school students starts with students’ awareness of themselves, of others and of how those interactions play out. We believe that social emotional learning — which gives kids the tools to manage and express their feelings — is the heart of race and equity work. We are so proud of the work that the teachers are putting into the classes to make it a safe and fun way to connect around these issues.

The classes start October 3rd and will be held in person on Sundays at 10:00. If you have family or friends who share similar values and would like for their children to have the opportunity to learn about privilege and de-centering whiteness, I highly, highly encourage you to extend the invitation. We have no borders to limit us when proximity is taken out of the equation, the only thing that limits us is our imagination.

Our Covid Policy is for people ages 12 and older to be vaccinated and everyone about 2 years of age needs to be masked. We need each child and youth to be registered for the Religious Education program so we can easily reach people in case contact tracing needs to happen. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep everyone at UUFSD safe and healthy! We appreciate it so much!