AT UUFSD, we gather weekly in spiritual community to remind ourselves of what matters most in life. Our communal worship calls us to be our best selves, to find meaning and purpose and compassion in a world that often seems filled with heartbreak and dehumanization.

Our worship services are on Sunday mornings, with the times changing during the year. Please see the Home page for the current service time. Our services are mostly in our beautiful outdoor amphitheater; in bad weather, we meet in Founders’ Hall. Between services is Gathering Hour, a time for coffee and socializing and connecting with our upcoming activities.

During services, you will find music, beauty, poetry, tradition, and words of comfort and challenge. Depending on the service, our minister, our volunteer Worship Associate, our Director of Religious Education, our choir, our band, our Music Director, and our special speakers lead us in worship.

As UUs, we are inspired not just by religious sources but by the people with whom we journey: the diverse and spirited Unitarian Universalists. You don’t have to believe in God to be a UU, but you can if you want to. Our services are designed to be welcoming for all open-minded seekers, specifically including atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, humanists, the spiritual-but-not-religious, and “nones” (no religion). So, do not wonder if you are welcome here. You are.

Connect with us to join in.