Use the following forms from the Website and Breeze to make requests.

Publication forms

Submit an Event, News, or Announcement for the Newsletter, OOS, Website, Facebook

Religious Education forms

Register a child for Religious Education for all members and visitors to go to religious education on Sunday (required once per year)

Finance & Stewardship forms

Special Collection Request Form to request a new Fund be created to accept donations during a Special Collection

Fundraiser Request Form to get approval to hold a fundraiser or “Ask” from Stewardship

Expense Authorization Form to get approval for an expenditure and reimbursement

Request a Grant from the Endowment to get a grant for some qualifying activity inside or outside the Fellowship.

Make a pledge of financial support for the current pledge drive.

UUFSD Member information forms

Request more information about our Fellowship for new visitors.

Camp de Beneville Pines

Registration for family camp