Climate Conversations — Green Kitchen Waste

Welcome to Climate Conversations… Each month we offer information and suggestions on what you can do as an individual, and in your own home, to help mitigate climate change.

This month we’re talking about kitchen and other green waste.

Currently, organic waste makes up 40% of our … read more.

Update on COVID-19 Protocols

Good News!
Re-Opening for Outdoor Services on January 23, 2022

We are re-opening for outdoor services in person on Sunday, January 23rd.

We know that being in person is a very important aspect of our fellowship, and we are ready to re-open safely in our amphitheater, with a … read more.

Notice of Congregational Meeting

The January Congregational Meeting will be held in our amphitheater on Sunday, January 30, 2022 immediately following our 10:00 am service. There will be important updates on Fellowship matters from our Board President, Minister, Treasurer, and Dream Builders Chair. A quorum is required so please … read more.

Interfaith Overnight Shelter — CANCELLED

UUFSD was just notified Tuesday that the Interfaith Overnight Shelter is cancelling its plan to return to housing individuals in religious facilities this year. Concerns about Covid during the present surge prompted them to seek alternative ways to house unsheltered individuals. They will keep us … read more.

Dream Builders Update

Dream Builders Update

A contract has been executed to replace the main stairway. Work is scheduled to begin January 25th and is expected to take 3 weeks to complete. Project status will be in the newsletter each week keeping everyone informed of any schedule changes due … read more.

Dream Builders Update

The site Master Plan and Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is tentatively scheduled for City of Solana Beach review January 26th. The overall master plan has been approved however a second review by the city is needed to approve our phased implementation plan developed to meet … read more.

Monthly Call To Action – January

Monthly Call To Action – January

Over the last several years a number of states have passed the most draconian abortion limitations in recent history. In September, the US House of Representatives passed the Women’s Health Protection Act, (HR 3755) which creates new legal protections for … read more.