The Board of Directors has approved 3 new policies. For the full text- please see our Policy & Procedure manual at UUFSD.org- ABOUT tab, under GOVERNANCE

1. SETTLED MINSTER ABSENTEE VOTING– the bylaw change was approved at our January Congregational Meeting. This policy … read more.

April “Dialogue” Quarterly” Magazine

April “Dialogue” Quarterly” Magazine

Our April “Dialogue Magazine” is concentrating on the UUFSD Pastoral Care Committee. We selected the magazine theme before the outbreak of the Corona Virus epidemic. It is fortunate that the Fellowship has a group of committed members that are available to support … read more.

Call for Board Of Director Nominations

We’ll be filling some important volunteer positions soon and we’d love to hear from you.

Board of Directors: We’re all grateful for the important service of volunteer leaders who have oversight responsibility and authority for UUFSD’s ministry and operations. At our June Congregational Meeting, … read more.

Looking for an LGBTQ Task Force leader

The Social Justice Action group is looking for an LGBTQ Task Force leader. Are you passionate about Human Rights and the first UU Principle which elevates the inherent worth and dignity of every person? UUFSD is a Welcoming Congregation and needs a task force leader … read more.

Help Wanted – Generosity Sunday Coordinator

Help Wanted-Generosity Sunday Coordinator

Do you have good attention to detail? Would you like to contribute a small amount of time to further Social Justice causes?
The Generosity Sunday Coordinator receives recommendations from Fellowship members for our monthly collection. These monies go to an organization whose … read more.