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California – Stop Ghost Guns!

June is GVP month. Please take a moment to read this post and use the link below to cast your vote to STOP GHOST GUNS.

California has strong gun laws, but there’s a problem: Ghost guns let people get around those laws, and it’s making gun … read more.

Dream Builders – Progress!!!!

It is with great joy and relief that the Core Building project is nearing completion. Last week the final stucco color layer was completed, and the roof gutters installed. Several small projects remain such as trim work around the kitchen door/ pass through, new closet … read more.

Musings From the Kitchen Elves

Beginning in September, the Kitchen Elves will post a Theme for Each month. Several months, the Kitchen Elves will ask for an idea or request a contribution from the congregation members. To keep consistency, the Elves have decided to designate the second Sunday of each … read more.

Niel Lynch was Flocked on his 80th Birthday

We don’t know if anyone noticed the flock of bright pink, knobbly-kneed flamingos that have landed in fantastic numbers around Neil Lynch’s house in Escondido, CA. They appeared over night and the neighbors were astounded.

The Fun and Fellowship Committee, and the Kitchen Committee, are working … read more.

Board letter regarding Frank Willey’s Report

Hello Dear Community,

This past Sunday’s report-out session with the Rev. Dr. Frank Willey was informative, and as promised, we are sending out the two documents he has prepared after the What Now? Conversations. The first one is his Summary of findings and Recommendations. The second … read more.