Author: Richard Macdonald

Summer Circle Dinners

Some of you have expressed interest in continuing Circle Dinners over the summer, but to do that we need hosts! The summer dates are planned for June 26, July 29, and August 26. If you would like to host a dinner, please email Thanks!

Chicken Soup for the CRC

For three weeks in a row, there has been no chicken soup at the CRC food pantry. I’m sure most of you have a can of it in you pantry. It often is the only thing that hits the spot when you are feeling off. … read more.

Gun Violence Prevention Wear Orange Rally

Mass Shootings through May 16, 2023: 235

Number of Killed: 293

Number of Injured: 958

June is Gun Violence Prevention Month. The Social Justice in Action invites members and friends of UUFSD to participate in the California North County San Diego Wear Orange Rally. The rally will … read more.