Author: Richard Macdonald


The UUFSD Board of Directors has approved the creation of a Leadership Council. The purpose of the Council is to establish better communication among UUFSD committees, groups and the congregation as a whole. The Council, at the recommendation of Rev Ellie, formed Clusters, each consisting of one or more committees/groups. Each cluster has an identified … Continue reading UUFSD LEADERSHIP COUNCIL

Generosity Sunday benefits NAMI San Diego and Imperial Counties

UUFSD’s May Generosity Offering benefits the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ local chapter’s work: to support people with mental health challenges and their families, to educate people about mental illness with the goal of reducing the stigma, to advocate for more research and an improved system of mental health services. Our Generosity Sunday offering helps … Continue reading Generosity Sunday benefits NAMI San Diego and Imperial Counties

The Great Debate – May 5

The Great Debate on Article II will be on Sunday, May 5, 2024, 11:30am in Founders Hall When the two radical, but theologically divergent, religious groups, the Unitarians and Universalists, joined together in 1961, they uncovered the (tiny) overlap between their two theologies, and came up with the 7 Principles. Now 60 years later, with … Continue reading The Great Debate – May 5