UUFSD has a license to perform certain music based on our license with Christian Copyright Solutions:

Our Worshipcast license is Account #xxxx008. It is offered through Christian Copyright Solutions. The invoice # is 47054, and it was bought on May 13, 2020. The reference for the payment # is BKOP7E5A8044. It is good through May 13, 2021. (see Tracey, Joe or Rich for license number).

The terms of the license can be found HERE.
The reporting requirement of songs to CCS that we have used can be found HERE.
In addition to CCS music, most songs (but not all) from our Hymnal can be used for recordings – see list HERE.

The License covers music from the following 3 organizations. You can search each organization separately for titles that you want for a worship service. The license is for music that is performed by us, and not typically for pre-recorded music. (However, many of the pre-recorded compositions are allowed on Youtube so long as we do not monetize the video. You cannot tell unless you try. See URL below for examples of our disputed copyright claims)

ASCAP repertory site:

BMI Repertory site:

SESAC Repertory site:

Youtube Example Copyright claims — one was allowed with no monitizing, and one was blocked, Disputed, and released. See Example Copyright claims

Posted by Rich Macdonald