Before You Submit

  • If your meeting or event will be held at UUFSD, and before you request to publicize it, make sure you have already reserved the room. To reserve space or confirm your reservation, contact

  • If you need assistance with your submission, please contact the Office Administrator at 858-755-9225. Submissions for the weekly newsletter should be no longer than 200 words. The deadline for submission to the weekly newsletter is Wednesdays by 10:30 am.

  • In submitting the announcement or article, it is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information, including the email address or alias that will be published with it and used to contact you. Multiple submissions cause confusion, so please take care to get it right the first time. Be aware that your submission may be subject to editing.

  • It is your responsibility to request any childcare or audio visual/staffing assistance NO LATER than two weeks before the event. Staffing requests should go to:

  • *If you do not receive an email confirmation of your submission within 20 minutes please contact the Administrator ( immediately.

  • If you would like your event announced during Sunday service, please email the Administrator ( for the Worship Associate contact.

Click here for suggestions on writing a successful article.

UUFSD Publication Submission Form

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Suggestions for a Successful Article

For best results, keep your article pithy and of an appropriate length:

Especially when choosing multiple publications with different size limits, begin your text with the most important information first and work down to the least. Answer the questions who, what, where, what time, why, and how within the first 100 words in the article. For example, start out with something like:

    “The Book Club meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the UUFSD library.”

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