There are three ways to donate stock to UUFSD.  Please choose the way most convenient for you and your broker. The preferred method is:

1)    Mail or fax a Letter of Instruction to your broker to perform a DTC (electronic) transfer of:

  • Name of the issuer
  • Number of shares of the security
  • Account that it will be transferred from

To:  Vanguard  Brokerage Services DTC #0062, for the account of  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito account #21126230.

Handwritten signature and date are usually required. You may add a designation of a particular block of shares in cases where you have acquired shares at different times and not all are being donated.


2)  Complete the following Vanguard Stock and Bond Transfer Kit.

Scroll down to the page titled: Authorization to Deposit Stock and Bond Certificates and complete the balance of the form.

Item #3 Name of (transferee) Owner:  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito

Item #3 Brokerage Account Number 21126230


3)    Instruct your broker to re-register a certificate to be titled:  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito and mail as in #2 above.  (The Tax ID # for the Unitarian account is #95-6111333).

Please direct all questions to
UUFSD Treasurer or Chair of Finance Committee

IMPORTANT! Once you have initiated a donation of stock to UUFSD, please notify the UUFSD Treasurer, immediately so that (s)he can credit the donation to the appropriate person and write you a letter for tax purposes. To notify the treasurer, please complete THIS FORM and  e-mail it or snail-mail it to the UUFSD office.