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Did you know that pledges account for 75% of UUFSD’s annual budget?

Making the Most of Your Pledge

  • The most efficient way to make your gift is by direct deposit or your bank’s bill pay.
  • The least efficient way to make your gift is by credit card because credit card processing fees reduce the amount of your gift by approximately 3%.
  • Setup a monthly payment schedule using direct deposit or your bank’s bill pay, which will:
    • Reduce paperwork and admin costs.
    • Allow you to spread payments out over the year.
    • Automate your payments for you.

How to Pay Your Pledge

By Automatic Bill Pay

Paying your pledge using your bank’s bill pay system is very convenient and efficient. Start by logging into your bank’s web site under your account and look an option called “Bill Pay”, “Auto Pay” or something similar. Typically, you’ll first set up UUFSD as a vendor in your payee list and then schedule payments.

Typical info you will need to know to set this up through your bank is as follows:

  • Start Date: You can start anytime, but members often choose a date in July to align their pledge payments with UUFSD’s fiscal year.
  • Memo: This is really important! Make sure you identify the correct fiscal year for your pledge. For example, if you are pledging for UUFSD’s July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020 fiscal year, put ‘Pledge FY19-20’ in the memo.
  • Account: Your name
  • Phone Number: 858-755-9225
  • Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 201
Solana Beach, CA 92075

By Direct Deposit or Credit Card

To pay by direct deposit (ACH Bank Transfer) or by credit or debit card, please visit either our online donation page for Breeze members or our online donation page for non-members.

Please note that paying your pledge by direct deposit from your checking or savings account is a fast, safe, and reliable method of payment.  In fact, it doesn’t take any longer to set up than using a credit card because all the information you need is right on the front of your check!

If you do use a credit card, please note that there is an approximately 3% processing fee applied to each credit card transaction.  Please consider selecting the option to cover this fee or use an alternative method so that the Fellowship is not charged this fee.

You may also choose to spread your payments out over the year using the recurring donation option.  Just specify the recurring payment amount, frequency, and start date.  (Recurring pledge payments should typically be scheduled to start sometime in July to align with UUFSD’s fiscal year.)

By Check

Make out your check to UUFSD and put “Pledge FY19-20” in the memo, then mail to:

P.O. Box 201
Solana Beach, CA 92075

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