All four classrooms refurbished

  • New windows, doors, roofing
  • Electrical circuits brought up to code
  • Stucco to match campus
  • Enabled substantial increase in Sandy Hill Pre-school rent

Remodeled Kitchen

  • Removed mold
  • Improve functionality, safety, and sustainability practices
  • Re-did exterior rebuilt and stucco to match campus
  • Replaced exterior water fountain

Replaced crumbling main stairway

  • Eliminated safety hazards by removing unstable wood and replacing it with concrete
  • Improved appearance of Fellowship entrance


Expanded Founders Hall & added moveable wall to increase meeting space


  • New east side doors and patio enhancements expanded capacity for services and other events in Founders Hall
  • Moveable wall enables space to be divided into two for increased utilization

Replaced rotting bridge planks

  • From parking lot to amphitheater
  • From walkway to library
  • Sustainable material replaced rotting wood


Re-did driveway to upper parking lot to allow emergency vehicle access

  • Eliminated steep curve and uneven surface at entrance to Fellowship
  • Expanded upper parking lot access for emergency vehicles

Expanded existing bathrooms to meet health & safety standards

  • Enables separate adult and child restrooms to meet State requirements for pre-school
  • Added capacity and improved privacy

Renovated Administration building

  • Existing structure was unsafe and inadequate – no functioning heat or A/C
  • Converted patio to usable space, allowing private offices for minister and DRE
  • Restroom added
  • New walls, roof, windows and floor, replacing deteriorating surfaces and systems