The Board and your Search Committee are hoping to complete the sometimes-lengthy process of searching for a new settled minister in one year, and have a settled minister begin work in August 2020. However, there is no guarantee that the proper fit between congregation and minister can be achieved in one year; frequently searches last two years or even longer.

Confidentiality and Openness. The search process is both highly confidential (because careers are at stake and a hiring process always requires discretion) and highly transparent (because the Search Committee is committed to sharing our progress and acknowledging any glitches). The search process proceeds under detailed rules required by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), designed to ensure fairness and equal opportunity.

Congregational Role to Play. Your Search Committee will be working both publicly and behind the scenes to move the search along. The congregation members have a large role to play as well. To present our Fellowship honestly, we all must spend some time discerning who we are, what we want, and (more difficultly) what we need. The Congregational Survey, the Cottage Meetings, and the Focus Groups will help with that, as will exploring any unconscious bias during the Beyond Categorical Thinking training for the whole congregation. This culminates in a Congregational Record published for all potential candidates to study.

Interim Minister’s Role. Our interim minister Rev. Thomas Perchlik is serving us during the search process, whether it be one year or two years. Interim Ministers such as Rev. Thomas have as a specific mission (among many other items) to help the congregation evaluate its situation and prepare for a search. Also Rev. Thomas can serve interested potential ministers as a sounding board and “explainer” about our Fellowship.