UUFSD Donates to Interfaith Overnight Shelter

This is when we typically partner with St. James Catholic Church to provide shelter, food and companionship to individuals and families without homes.

Due to Covid 19, the north coastal region of Interfaith Overnight Shelter is placing guests in the Motel 8 in Carlsbad rather than in houses of worship. Their goal is to provide 10-12 weeks of stable living arrangements so individuals can move to more permanent arrangements. UUFSD has donated $1700 to house and feed one family or individual for two weeks.

The network is working out individual volunteer opportunities. Contact Mary Anne Trause at trause@comcast.net for more information.

Casas de Luz is expecting to partner with them to build a small village of sleeping cottages, like the model in the UUFSD parking lot. If (or when!) that happens, watch for many opportunities to become involved.

Posted by Mary Anne Trause