UUFSD Board of Directors, Officer Nominees

UUFSD Directors are elected by the congregation at the June 26, 2022 Annual Meeting. Details of the nominations and election process are in the UUFSD Bylaws: https://uufsd.org/about-us/our-governance/

Nominating Committee Candidate Slate nominations (terms begin 7/1/22)

1. Cathy Leach-Phillips (2-year term)
2. Livia Walsh (3-year term)
3. Mary Anne Trause (3-year term)
4. Andi MacLeod (3-year term)

Nominating Committee Officer Nominees: 7/1/22 – 6/30/23
• President: Angie Knappenberger
• Vice President: Mary Anne Trause (contingent on election to the Board of Directors)

Current Directors continuing service
• Liora Kian-Gutierrez: term ends 6/30/23
• Angie Knappenberger: term ends 6/30/23
• Louise Garrett: term ends 6/30/24

Nominating Committee – nomcom@uufsd.org

Posted by Wenda Alvarez