Survey results about Zoom Sunday Services

Here is a summary of your responses to the Worship Committee survey. For a more complete report, go to this link: Full Report

Overall we had 97 responses! Thank you so much for participating and thanks to Nancy Hebert for technical assistance!

Question 1: Which of the following deepen your experience of our Sunday worship service:
# of checks %
Musical performance from members 77 79%
Sermon: 72 74%
Joys/Concerns 64 66%
Intergenerational Sharing 52 54%
Centering hymn 52 54%
Meditation 50 52%
Other musical performances 47 48%
Singing favorite hymns 36 37%
Scene of our site 35 36%

Question 2. What keeps you coming back and tuning in each Sunday?
This was an open-ended question and responses ranged from 1) inertia, habit, it’s easy and feeling obligated to 2) connection to the community, desire to stay connected and spiritual renewal.

Question 3: If you could hit the delete button on something in the service, what would you get rid of? Three aspects of our services seemed problematic to a number of responders 1) the land acknowledgement. It was suggested that it be shortened or read less often. 2) the intergenerational sharing being too long and questions whether it was appropriate during Zoom with few children present. 3) problems with the use of different languages, especially in Spirit of Life and Welcome.

Question 4. What helps or would help you and your family connect more to our Sunday Zoom services? Three themes emerged: 1) more meaningful sermons, 2) more participation from congregation, and 3) more variety in music, including from the choir and band.

Posted by Mary Anne Trause