Serving with Grace: The Spirituality of Service

Join Rev Thomas and Christie Turner for Serving with Grace: The Spirituality of Service.

If spirituality is anything, it is everything. Those who think about their spiritual lives as somehow separate and distinct from the rest of their lives don’t yet understand that spirituality is about wholeness.”

Our class will consider how to support your inner growth as you support the outer purpose of our community. Learn to be effective and heartfelt in your communication, set boundaries, and build the beloved community of all of us.

We will study a short book, have experiential exercises, and deepen our connections to each other and UUFSD.

Class size is limited to 10.

Deadline to register is 9/27/2019 by emailing Christie at
First meeting 10/2/2019 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. Location TBD (Library or Ministers Office)

Comment from Alisa Guralinick, current Ministerial Search Committee, past president of UUFSD, and choir member:

“I found the Serving with Grace class inspiring. I had never really thought about ‘service’ as being a part of spirituality- it gave some context to why one might choose to serve in a particular capacity, why or why not to choose one opportunity over another (to align with my own gifts and needs), and helped me to feel more connected to UUFSD in general.”