Niel Lynch was Flocked on his 80th Birthday

We don’t know if anyone noticed the flock of bright pink, knobbly-kneed flamingos that have landed in fantastic numbers around Neil Lynch’s house in Escondido, CA. They appeared over night and the neighbors were astounded.

The Fun and Fellowship Committee, and the Kitchen Committee, are working hard to raise money for some vital improvements on the campus, new equipment in the Kitchen, and to purchase some supplies for the Family Fun Events.

This flock of Pink Flamingos have gathered to celebrate Niel’s 80th Birthday. Most people do not know pink flamingos are territorial and unless the trained flock wrangler moves them to another special location, they will roost in your yard. The removal of flamingos can be safely removed by skilled Flamingo Removal technicians (you must see them in action to believe!).

A Flamingo Flocked Ransom Note is left at the property to solicit a donation from the victim for the removal of the flamingos.

There are several options available for the removal of the Flocked Person. The first option is the flocked person does not have to donate to the cause and flock leaves something for that person. The second option is make a donation to the cause and receive a very nice Thank You Note. The third option is make a donation and schedule another person, friend or foe, be the next surprised flocking victim.

The recipient can be informed of the identity of the sender or the sender can remain anonymous.

Posted by the Pink Flamingo herself