Fill-A-Belly Project

?Welcome Back FILL A BELLY?
Message from Livia Walsh and Irv Himelblau

Fill-A-Belly is contemplating restarting the weekly Tuesday dinners for our homeless brothers and sisters at Cottonwood Creek Park in Encinitas. Fill-A-Belly will continue to schedule volunteer (serving) groups. However, they need a coordinator/s for these weekly dinners. Livia and I are working with Fill-A-Belly to see if the UUFSD can partner with them to coordinate these weekly dinners.
Livia and I are considering taking on the main responsibility, however we would need backup for the weeks that we are not available, and for occasional relief. We will have a zoom meeting, on Thursday, August 5, from 7 to 8:30 pm, to discuss this coordination undertaking. Member/s of Fill-A- Belly will explain the specifics of the coordination responsibilities. If you are interested in helping coordinate these weekly dinners please contact Irv Himelblau at, and we will include you on the zoom email list.

Posted by Irv Himelblau