Election: Board of Directors, Officers, Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee has completed its work to identify candidates for Board Member, Officer and Nominating Committee positions beginning 07/01/23. We are grateful for the experience, qualifications, enthusiasm and commitment these members will bring.

UUFSD Directors and Nominating Committee members are elected by the congregation at the June 11, 2023, Annual Meeting. Details of the nominations and election process are included in the UUFSD Bylaws. https://uufsd.org/about-us/our-governance/

UUFSD Board of Directors

Candidate Slate (terms begin 7/1/23)
• Pamela Parker (3-year term)
• Julia Darling (3-year term)

Officers: (7/1/23 – 6/30/24)
• President: Mary Anne Trause
• Vice President: Andi MacLeod

Current Directors continuing service
• Louise Garrett: term ends 6/30/24
• Cathy Leach-Phillips: term ends 6/30/24
• Andi MacLeod: term ends 6/30/25
• Mary Anne Trause: term ends 6/30/25
• Livia Walsh: term ends 6/30/25

UUFSD Nominating Committee

Candidate Slate (terms begin 7/1/23)
• Greg Brown (2-year term)
• Alisa Guralnick (2-year term)
• Angie Knappenberger (2-year term)

In addition to the individuals nominated, several other wise and willing congregation members expressed interest. We want to thank them for stepping forward, participating in the interview conversations and their many UUFSD contributions.


UUFSD Nominating Committee
Wenda Alvarez
Cheryl Close
Susan Hahm

Posted by Wenda Alvarez