Dream Builders Update

The site Master Plan and Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is tentatively scheduled for City of Solana Beach review January 26th. The overall master plan has been approved however a second review by the city is needed to approve our phased implementation plan developed to meet our financial resources. Attendance at the city council meeting by congregants is recommended. More details will follow when we receive a formal notice for the meeting.

The Core Building exterior refurbishing has started. Volunteers are needed to assist in preparing the building prior to the stucco being applied. Several new doors and a window have been ordered however lead-times and contractor scheduling are a challenge, the work will be completed in late March.

Main Stairway replacement in concrete is in the final stage of contractor selection. The stairway design will remain unchanged maintaining the existing look and feel as much as possible. A contractor will be selected in the next week with work expected to start in late January and take approximately 3 wks to complete.

Any questions concerning current projects contact Chris Faller at cfaller5@gmail.com

Posted by Chis Faller