Climate Conversations — Green Kitchen Waste

Welcome to Climate Conversations… Each month we offer information and suggestions on what you can do as an individual, and in your own home, to help mitigate climate change.

This month we’re talking about kitchen and other green waste.

Currently, organic waste makes up 40% of our landfills, generating methane gas, which has 80 times more warming power than carbon dioxide. The state of California now mandates diverting organic waste from landfills and using it as an economic resource.

TAKE ACTION! Residential customers who are serviced by EDCO can put all organic waste (and only organic waste) into their green cans. Currently businesses, which include most condo and apartment complexes, must individually request on-site evaluations and green cans. Requests should be made to Logan Betz,, and 760-744-5615, ext.168. In addition, San Diego Food System Alliance is leading an initiative to reduce food waste. You can get more information at Wasted Food Prevention.

The Encinitas program with EDCO is detailed HERE.

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Posted by Sarah Miller