Capital Campaign Update

Capital Campaign Update

It has been quite a while since I wrote to you about our capital improvements, as we were locked into what seemed an interminably long approval process with the Solana Beach authorities over our Conditional Use Permit. We finally have that and can move forward.

One outcome of that process is that the Fire Marshall has dictated that we cannot undertake any construction on the west side of campus until we’ve built a hammerhead turn-around for fire trucks at the west end of our parking lot. This means that the amphitheater work (shade sails, enlarged kiosk, two bathrooms, new sound system, ADA compliant path from top to stage),will have to wait. We are going to start on the hammerhead work immediately, with design by our contractor, and application to the city for a building permit. We hope to be getting started with actual construction in September.

But there are projects we can start on right now, that will enhance our campus life when we return. These are, with the pricing:

1. New concrete stairs from the parking lot to the core area – $30,000.
There are many complaints about the appearance, condition and potential danger of the stairs, and they require constant maintenance.This would be an improvement to the look of our campus immediately noticeable as people come up from the parking lot.

2. Refurbishment of the kitchen exterior – $20,000.
Much of the exterior is in bad shape, with quite a bit of rot. We need to clean that out, and provide a nice stucco finish to match Founder’s Hall and our classrooms.

3. Refinishing the floor in Founder’s Hall – $15,000.
The floor in FH is in great need of refurbishment, and now, when we’re not present in person, is the time to complete that work.

These projects need your approval. They are not part of the original projects you approved to be done with our funds, but we believe they are necessary, the timing is right, and it’s a good way to improve the look of our campus. We will be sending you a survey for you to prioritize these projects, along with the option to not do them. Please respond as soon as you can.

It is so good to be starting to move forward again.

In fellowship,

John Sherman, Chair – Capital Campaign team
Katherine Buffington, Member – Capital Campaign team