We are committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship of our beautiful six-and-a-half acre campus.

Solar Panels

In 2018 we installed solar panels on Founders’ Hall, which are supplying most of our electricity needs and reducing our carbon footprint.  Drone Tour of Campus

Permeable Paving

When we paved our parking lot in 2007, we installed rainwater-permeable concrete, in order to minimize storm water runoff and conserve water for the aquifer.

Drip Irrigation

Our beds and plantings are watered with minimal waste with an extensive drip irrigation system as part of our irrigation system.

Native Vegetation

Our site contains a significant extent of undisturbed native California sage, which is original vegetation of this area, and increasingly rare in the face of development, as well as ornamental and drought-tolerant plantings.

Wildlife Habitat

Our campus attracts a variety of bird species and is home to many varieties of small mammals and reptiles.

Flushless Facilities

When renovating our restrooms in Palmer Library in 2017 we installed flushless urinals in order to reduce water use.

Guidelines for Reducing Paper Waste at UUFSD

Guidelines for Reducing Paper Waste at UUFSD