Planet-Healthy Potluck (A Climate Action) – April 28

“Planet-Healthy Potluck“
hosted by UUFSD’s Climate Action Task Force (CATF)
Sunday April 28. 11:00am-noon

Let’s ALL participate!
Bring a healthy plant-based dish for a fabulous outdoor luncheon. If you want to eat a more plant based diet, this potluck makes it easy. If you discovered a delicious plant based dish, this is when to share it.

What we eat every day makes a difference in the health of our planet, ourselves, and all life. This small action cultivates a new mindset. Doing it with friends is an adventure.

List your main ingredients. Gluten free? Nuts? Dairy? We’ll supply cards to label your dish Vegetarian or Vegan. Or bring a recipe card. Salads & fruit plates, welcome.

Plant-based Vegan: no poultry, meat, fish, dairy, egg. Vegetarian: includes dairy and eggs.

Those who arrive 10 am, enjoy an Earth Day Service w/ guest speaker, singers, and guest musician.
UUFSD Core Area

Posted by Linda Luisi