News from Your Minister Search Committee

The Ministerial Search Committee was approved at the June 23rd congregational meeting, and since then we’ve been learning about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, familiarizing ourselves with UUA’s search process, and getting UUFSD into UUA’s system. That, of course, means holding meetings and filling out forms.

Your Search Committee is Livia Walsh, Nancy Hebert, John Atcheson, Alisa Guralnick, Mark Tuller, Patricia Cofré-Stone, and Sara Appleton-Knapp.

If you’d like to get an overview of the selection process, the timeline, and the latest happenings, you can go to our web site here. We’ll also be giving regular updates as things progress.

Two of the core operating principles we share are a commitment to select a minister who – as much as possible – reflects what the congregation wants, and to be as transparent as possible about the selection process and progress.

To that end, we will be conducting an on-line survey of members’ views, setting up group and individual meetings to get direct feedback, sending out emails, and beginning on September 8th, hosting a Search Committee Table on the patio after each service to get your views and answer your questions.