Journeying Towards Wholeness (8th Principle Update)

Liora Kian-Gutierrez and Julia Darling have convened a task force to do a self audit within our congregation to determine where we stand in anti-racist/anti-oppression perspectives and actions. We have adopted a tool from a UU congregation in Southern Delaware to use in each committee/group in our fellowship to do a self assessment to consider whether we have any unintentional blind spots in how we form groups and conduct business that would hinder our goal to build a beloved community. Our work group will receive training from Rev Ellie in order to facilitate these conversations in each committee. Each group will develop their own goals for how to proceed based on what they learn from their assessment. Our hope is for this to be an open, non-judgmental process so that we can join together in our efforts to be inclusive and welcoming to any who want to join us in this spiritual path to greater liberation for all of us. We will begin this process in April and be ongoing for several months.

Posted by Julia Darling