FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE – Service on June 23

Popular guest speaker, and UCLA oncology chaplain, Michael Eselun will explore the dance we do between acceptance and self-compassion. If we reach for acceptance of our circumstances as a pathway to inner peace, what part does self-compassion play?


Michael Eselun, serves as the chaplain for the Simms/Mann‐UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. Two-time TED-X speaker, Michael speaks extensively to healthcare professionals, patient populations, and faith communities across the country. Long serving as adjunct faculty at the Wiesenthal Center/Museum of Tolerance, he’s also worked as an activist/educator addressing anti-LGBTQ bias in the larger community for well over 30 years. Michael was recently inducted into the UCLA-Semel Institute Eudaimonia Society, in recognition of having lived a meaning-driven life. He has 4 volumes of CD’s available for purchase—contact Michael through his website–www.michaeleselun.com

Posted by Livia Walsh