Casas de Luz Tamale Time

If you have ever been on a Casas de Luz home build, then you’ve had Elba’s tamales, the best in Tijuana. The Social Justice team has been exploring ways to have an impact with this immigration crisis. We have been meeting with several non profits to identify opportunities to support them. Last week we met with Al Otro Lado (AOL), a legal aid organization that works with asylum seekers on both sides of the border. While we have identified many projects, the first one is going to be having Elba make tamales weekly for AOL’s education program. For many this will be the only meal that day and it supports Elba’s home business.

Some of the future programs that we are working on are:

  • Providing phone calls home to connect with family and sponsors
  • MPP court observation
  • Clothes donations for the “icebox”
  • Asylum case workshops

For more information about these activities see us in the core area after services.

Kathy Faller, Robin Sales, and Liz Young