Campus Beautification and Maintenance -September & October

Thanks to Ed Mlakar, Betsy Gilpin, Karen and Mike Kowalski, Antony Carter, Chris Faller
Our Building and Grounds crew were busy as usual during the last two months. They watered plants on a weekly basis, filled the green dumpster multiple times with leaves and branches from around the campus; removed pine needles from the core area; painted the white safety stripes on Amphitheater landings; fixed broken umbrellas; trimmed bushes; sealed the electrical service room; re-stained/refurbished and modified the height of the amphitheater lecturn, installed an air conditioning unit in Rev. Ellie’s office, planted succulents around the Kitchen and replaced broken sting lights in the Core Area.
You can help by joining the monthly work party. For information contact Ed Mlakar at buildingandgrounds , or (760) 805-4636.
And, by the way, everyone can pitch in. Whenever you see derby, papers, cups, dishes lying around, don’t hesitate to pick them up and dispose of them in the proper bins.

Posted by Irv Himelblau