Behind the Scenes, A Thank You

Charlotte and Trent Ulm have been with me for every event since January 2022 and before the Pandemic. Trent is in the kitchen every Sunday preparing the foods and setting up the tables. He is usually there when I have to be away. They were instrumental in preparing food, setting up and washing dishes for the Spring Pink Flamingo Swap, Mardi Gras, 4th of July Celebration, The Fall Pink Flamingo Swap, Thanksgiving Day Lunch, The Chili Cook Off, The Soup Cook Off, The Christmas Decorating Party, and the 2023, TailGate ThrowDown.

Wenda Alvarez is always helping to clean up, wash tablecloths, do anything needed. She has been a stay at the Fellowship before the Pandemic and after the Pandemic. Betsy Gilpin is constantly helping to prepare something, wash dishes, or fix something. Before and after the Pandemic, Ruth Gregory will not say no when I ask her to collect money at a luncheon, wash dishes or tablecloths, take unwanted items to the CRC after the swap meets and more. Christy Turner is always helping to wash dishes.

Irv and Livia are always bringing the flowers each week. I have said thank you to Irv in a service but not Livia. I would like to add their names to my thank you letter. The flowers bring so much JOY to a lot of people who take them home every Sunday. I know they brighten my world when it is not so bright just by looking at something beautiful that was given of their own free generosity and time.

Several men from the Wednesday Men’s Group took over the dishes in the kitchen before the Pandemic.

All the food that is made with loving care at home or purchased and brought to share at the Coffee Hour.

Our set up and clean up crews, who do more than is expected. They will not say no when you ask them to do something for you. THEY ARE AWESOME!

There are a lot of others that help and I would like to thank everyone, but my mind is not as it was.

Posted by Louise Garrett