Announcing our Board Candidates for 2018-19

The Leadership Development Council (aka Nominating Committee) is very pleased to announce our slate for the coming board year, which begins July 1.

We wish to profusely thank Mark Tuller, Pres., Alisa Guralnick, past Pres, Bob Quick, VP, and Rich Franzwa, for their three years of service.

Our new candidates are extremely qualified and delightful to work with. We predict this board will enjoy each other very much:

  • President: Alana Schuller
  • VP: Robin Sales (continuing her term)
  • Jill Ballard, Secretary
  • Glen Bowden, Treasurer (graciously staying on)
  • Dale Gottdank
  • Ernie Dun
  • Richard MacDonald
  • Linda Pratt (continuing to serve)

Anyone member may nominate a candidate for the board and with their permission will be added to the slate. The election will take place at the Congregational Meeting on June 17.