Be a Leader at UUFSD!

We’ll be filling some important leadership positions soon and we’d love to hear from you. To learn more, or be considered, read on. Then email Deadline: May 26, 2019

Board of Directors
The Board has oversight responsibility and authority to conduct UUFSD’s ministry and operations and meets monthly. One new director will serve with: Alana Schuller (President), Jill Ballard, Ernie Dun, Dale Gottdank, Richard MacDonald and Linda Gianelli Pratt.

We’re grateful for the important service of these volunteer leaders and look forward to hearing from YOU.

Minister Search Committee
The process of matching a minister with a congregation is the most important activity a UU community undertakes. Beginning in July, a seven-member Search Committee will collaboratively work to bring congregational perspective, passion and leadership to a process which is well laid out by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Search Committee members are entrusted to gather information, materials, and insights on the congregation and present an authentic picture for minister candidates. The committee is responsible for moving from many minister candidate options to mutual selection, and then, finalizing an offer. Having completed the process just two years ago, UUFSD has a lot of the work in hand.