Interfaith Power and Light is conducting a Cool Congregations Challenge in December, 2021, with awards in six categories. One category that the Climate Action Task Force has chosen to enter is called “Sacred Grounds Steward“, which consists of “native landscaping, organic gardening, water conservation, bike racks, wildlife habitat, and recycling and composting“.

It seems that our site and our activities fit this category superbly!!

Our first task was to understand the “landscaping” that comprises our site, both native and non-native. We are deeply grateful to have had two experts, Dawn Lawson and John La Grange, visit our site on October 24 and walk the site with Rich Macdonald, Linda Luisi, and Ted Foster. Their report is attached below, parts of which will be incorporated into our competition entry.
(If you do not see the PDF below, you can view it HERE)