Linda Giannelli Pratt

There are so many reasons why my husband, John Atcheson, and I joined UUFSD and actively participated in many volunteer opportunities. As I think about the community of friends I have, I immediately focus on those days right after John was killed by a drunk driver in January 2020. So many of you held me and our family in your heart, and I really felt that. When our family decided to hold the Celebration of Life just a week after John’s death, I was still in shock and deeply grieving. Livia Walsh and Tracey Weiss, our Congregation Administrator, took my hand and helped me take the steps needed to prepare the memorial service. I had no idea about all of the behind the scenes action that was taking place by so many of our UUFSD friends, including the organization of food, transportation to the amphitheater from the Vons parking lot, accommodations for our relatives and out of town guests, the AV program, and so much more. I arrived at UUFSD on that cold January morning, and fell to my knees, feeling that I could not possibly walk down to the amphitheater and take my place in the front row. My UUFSD friends lifted me up, literally and figuratively, and helped me get through that day. John was honored by more than 300 people who attended, and I know he would be very grateful to all of you for what you did. I know that I always will be.

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