Kelly Kelsoe

I am involved in a “gratitude circle” of 5 women who have been texting a daily blessing since Jan. 1st this year. This practice has been a life changer! No matter what the challenges or circumstances I face for the day, taking a moment to reflect on gratitude, has truly been a gift to my soul! Blessings range from having the privilege of taking a hot shower or driving a car, to more profound gifts of being with someone dying or healing past traumas. I highly recommend this daily practice!

In terms of UUFSD, I am grateful to have raised my kids in our UUFSD community. Katy is passionate about the environment and works for an environmental consulting agency involved in cleaning up contaminated areas. She is an outdoor enthusiast and volunteers for the San Diego Search and Rescue team. Jake is a music enthusiast and teacher and has been involved in many social protests over the past couple of years, helping to protect our democracy and fight for justice. My kids are very open-minded, creative, sensitive souls, connected with the earth and passionate about social justice issues. I believe UUFSD helped tremendously in shaping and influencing these admirable qualities and endeavors. Thank you UUFSD!!

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