Irv Himelblau

After retiring in 2000, and empty nesting, my wife and I were looking for a new community.  We were both social activists  and were instantly impressed with the UU philosophy and the people at the Fellowship. I receive great satisfaction from my participation in several of the Men’s Groups on campus and continue to enjoy lasting friendships with members of those groups. I also participated in numerous committees, some of which I have chaired. These included Buildings and Grounds, Social Justice, Membership,  Communication and currently Design Review. I find that service to and involvement in the life of the Fellowship add to the richness of my life. The Fellowship continues to offer me opportunities to grow spiritually and intellectually. Being a long-time chair of our Social Justice and Action committee and continuing to be an active member of this group has given me deep meaning and purpose knowing the far reaching effect of our work together. I feel honored to call the UUFSD my home away from home.

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