Betsy Gilpin

During my years as a single parent, I found community among my fellow Girl Scout leaders, my fellow North Coast Symphony Orchestra members, my UCSD work colleagues, and last but not least, UUFSD. Then when my kids fledged and I retired, I still maintained close ties with the orchestra and of course, UUFSD. To show my gratitude to the orchestra, once age crept up on me and it was time to resign, I became a docent and sell tickets for every concert. I participate in every way I can at UUFSD and will do that until I no longer am able. The gratitude for all those I participate with is unbounded.

After retirement, a couple of other communities became important in my life: I was on the Board of Directors for Camp de Benneville Pines until I termed out at 9 years, and I joined two weekly walking groups. The camp Board did good work and the sense of accomplishment and achievement brought great satisfaction, for which I am most grateful. The walking groups keep me fit and healthy. How could one not be grateful for that.

More recently, I was appointed to the San Dieguito Art Guild Board of Directors in charge of the Annual Mother’s Day Art, Garden and Studio tour. My committee members who helped with all the work in preparing for the tour were amazing. They were so knowledgeable, hardworking, and basically very kind and supportive people. My gratitude toward them is unmeasurable.

I feel that all these various groups made my life rich and meaningful. This feeling is the epitome of gratitude.

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