April 11: 8th Principle – Building the Beloved Community

Guest Speaker: Paula Cole Jones
Worship Associate:Rev Jo Green
Zoom service is HERE at 10 AM Sunday
Or watch “Live” on our Youtube channel HERE
Order of Service is HERE
How strong is our faith with and without the 8th Principle? Can the strength of Unitarian Universalism be measured in the true transformative power of our Principles? It is the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism that bring us together. Momentum is growing around the country for the inclusion of an 8th Principle. The 8th Principal is our proposal to be in covenant with the Beloved Community. Covenants can change a culture. They hold the potential to transform relationships, communities and institutions.Join us this Sunday as our Guest Speaker Paula Cole Jones and Rev Jo enter into a discussion of our Principles and how they can aid in dismantling racism. There will be a Workshop Forum after the service to discuss, ask questions and share experiences.