The impetus for the Sacred Texts discussion group was our six sources of UUism — what are in those sources that we believe and borrow from other religions? Where do we differ and where are we the same? Sacred Text study is not an academic exercise but a spiritual quest.

A typical format for our meeting is published HERE.

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Pevious Meeting Topics

Love or Compassion (host Rich Macdonald), May 2023

Creation Stories (host Antony Carter), April 2023
These stories seek to answer age-old questions such as “Who am I?” and “Where did I come from?”.

Judeo/Christian Parables (host Robin Mitchell) March, 2023
Parable of New Cloth on Old Garment – Matthew 9:16-17
Parable of The Divided Kingdom – Matthew 12:24-30
Parable of The Persistent Widow – Luke 18:1-8

Religious Parables (host Robin Mitchell) February, 2023
We are going to be exploring parables in our Sacred Texts group this month, not in a scholarly way but experientially, by reading them together and experiencing their messages. So I encourage you all to bring a parable for us to explore; one that has been meaningful to you or that provides a novel take on things. Extra points if it comes from outside the Jewish/Christian tradition that most of us are used to!
Bring your favorite, or most challenging, or most mysterious parable to share and we will try to rise to the challenge of listening well enough.

Religion of Latter Day Saints (host Norma Showalter) January, 2023
Norma will bring a visitor form the LDS community to share with us their beliefs and traditions.