Frequently Asked Questions About the Pledge Drive

Q. Why do we pledge?
A. This Fellowship belongs to all of us. Our pledges are the main source of income that pay for the daily operations and ensure that the Fellowship, its resources and staff are here for us now and in the future. Your annual pledge is vitally important to the sustaining of our Fellowship and is a requirement of membership.

Q. How can I make my pledge?
A. Simply fill out and submit the form above. If you have any questions, please look for Pledge Team representatives before, between and after services. You can also send your questions anytime to

Q. How can I make a pledge payment?
A. Click here to see options and get instructions.

Q. Why is Bill Pay the best way to pay my pledge?
A. Unless you are paying with stocks or securities, without a doubt setting up automated, monthly payments through your bank (aka Bill Pay) is the best way to pay in terms of cost per transaction, convenience, and cash flow. We call this the Blessings of Autopay!

Q. How much should I pledge?
A. In “normal” times, we ask each member to Strive For Five, essentially, to aspire to give 5% of their discretionary income (that is, your adjusted gross income minus necessities). It’s simple then to figure out a pledge goal, and it makes you reflect on why you give and on what the Fellowship needs to continue it’s many programs. With this goal in mind, let your conscience and personal circumstances be your guide, and you should be able to rest assured that you are doing your part to support the Fellowship. A more complete Giving Guide and access to the Pledge Form can be found at

Q. What is Continuous Giving?
A. Continuous Giving means that your pledge continues from year to year, until you elect to make a change. Because of uncertainties caused by the pandemic, this year we cannot assume everyone will continue their pledge unless changed, so we need to hear your intended pledges from everyone.

Q. What’s the difference between the Pledge Drive and the Capital Campaign?
A. While the Pledge Drive raises money to pay for the operations of our Fellowship, the Capital Campaign is a once-in-a-generation fundraising effort to improve our infrastructure for ourselves and those who will follow. While vitally important to realizing our dreams for the future, financial commitment to Capital Campaign is completely voluntary.

Q. What if I have other questions?
A. If you have any questions during the Pledge Drive, please send your questions to anytime.