Fair Share Calculator

[This is a Prototype — It has not been sanctioned by our UU Board yet. Please send comments to ridumac@yahoo.com]

Use this calculator to determine your giving percentage for the year. You can use it for your Pledge donation only, or for all your yearly giving including Sunday Offerings. (It is better not to include one-time capital campaign or special campaign donations). The results are anonymous – no personal information is requested, and the results are not saved.

[use Digits only — no commas, dollar signs, or decimals]

Disposable Income**
Essential costs to exclude**
Yearly Contribution amount**
Contribution level %:

Contribution Levels (see the UUA Fair Share Guide for more detail):
[Note: because we are subtracting Essential costs, we have increased the percentages of the levels somewhat from the above Guide]

Supporter – 3+%

Sustainer – 5+%

Visionary – 8+%

Transformer – 10+%


Disposable Income: Yearly income from all sources after income taxes, whether from employment, taxable investments, or non-taxible investments like savings (also called your yearly resource level). [hint: if you have trouble calculating your Disposable income, try using your yearly expenses, which are basically your income that was “disposed of” in that year]
Essential costs: Typically includes Housing (mortgage/rent, insurance, taxes, utilities), Transportation (auto loan, insurance, registration or public), Medical (insurance & out-of-pocket), Family (elder care, child care, school/college), and Food. If you want to use a Standard Amount, use 50% of your Disposable Income (from the 50/30/20 rule).
Contribution amount: The amount that you are planning to donate to your organization.