Building & Grounds Committee Update

I went to the site today (May 7) and worked with Jon, Debbie, Betsy and Irv. We got a lot accomplished as we were able to completely sand and stain all of the picnic tables and most of the benches. We moved the tables into the hall so that we can power wash the core brick pavers next week when we finish the remaining benches next Tuesday at 9AM .
This is our list as it presently stands:

  • Sweep leaves and shovel sand as needed in the Amphitheater and Core. ​
  • Cut brush around path lights.​
  • Fix faulty path light
  • Replace ‘Exit’ bulbs in the Hall
  • Pull weeds and trim brush along the paths, around the parking lots and at the classrooms.
  • Paint white lines on amphitheater step
  • Sand / stain benches and tables in core area- power wash core brick pavers WORKING ON IT – Debbie H, Jon L, Betsy & Ed
  • Sand / stain Amphitheater podium
  • Replace torn sandbags on the slope behind amphitheater
  • Fix sprinklers/ soaker Michael Scott
  • Dig out drain pit between YRUU Bldg & Parking lot
  • Dig out YRUU Bldg patio
  • Paint front steps
  • Paint bridges

Take care & be safe
Ed Mlakar