Update from the COM

Recently, the Committee on Ministry (COM) met with our UUA representative, Sarah Gibb Millspaugh, to clarify the role of the COM. This group began as the Ministerial Search Committee, and upon Rev. Jo’s selection as our settled minister, the Search Committee became the COM. This is common practice for the first year of a settled ministry, as the search committee knows the minister better than others in the new-to-her congregation. After the first year, the members of the COM are selected by the minister and the board of directors.

The purpose of the UUFSD Committee on Ministry (COM) is to support the minister and her ministry in several ways:

  • The COM helps congregants that have concerns about the minister and UUFSD’s ministries
  • The COM will encourage those with concerns to directly speak with the minister or an appropriate leader
  • The COM will help facilitate communications in a respectful way
  • The COM helps to model shared ministry behaviors
  • The COM keeps a pulse on the congregation as a whole and helps to identify trends

Current COM members are: Sara Appleton-Knapp, Patricia Cofre-Stone, Alisa Guralnick, Nancy Hebert, and Mark Tuller. They can be reached via email at: committeeonministry@uufsd.org.

Posted by Alisa Guralnick