Patricia Cofré-Stone

When my son turned 5 years old and started asking questions about God, I knew there was only one place where I could go and trust their guidance.  I knew Unitarian Universalists were committed to social justice, defending human rights, the environment, and supporting many causes that I align with.  I just never thought I really needed a “church” for myself.

Now my son is older, and UUFSD is his home and anchoring place. He has developed a deep bond with many of his peers and our Religious Education program. The regular Sunday school, Coming of Age yearlong program, and Our Whole Life program have supported me in raising an amazing kid.

Little did I know 10 years ago, that I would also find a home for myself. A place where being different is okay and where searching for my spiritual truth is supported.  I have found friends that I will keep for life – especially my camping buddies. UUFSD is a great community!

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